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There is a Difference

You can’t help but to have noticed that CBD products seem to be popping up available everywhere lately. As CBD becomes more widespread and more people recognize its many benefits, more and more locations are loading products onto their shelves in an effort to cash in. Retailers need to be responsible for not only selling a quality product but also being able to properly educate customers on the correct products for their specific condition and the correct use of the products they recommend. Nutritional supplement stores, sporting goods stores, pharmacies, medical supply stores, gas stations, liquor stores and more are all offering CBD products. Many of these locations simply offer these products for sale; their employees know nothing about their proper use, or how to advise customers regarding their specific needs. 

Some of these locations are reputable and do have product knowledge, some of these locations are places we trust. That leads us to the point of pricing, which is an important concern, especially for those on a fixed income. CBD products are not cheap regardless of where you shop, but there are some places that charge substantially more than others for comparable products. With more local Doctors recognizing the possible benefits of and recommending the use of CBD products coupled with the fact that insurance will not help with the cost, it’s up to you as the consumer to find the best deal on the best products.

Natural Wellness Sedalia is an independently owned and operated CBD specialty store. We only carry CBD products and do not have to financially support a chain operation. We strive to offer the best CBD products and the best pricing to our customers in an atmosphere that promotes personal comfort and product knowledge. We generally offer daily and weekly specials in-store and proudly offer a 10% discount on all items to active and retired military service members. We keep educational materials on-site to help offer you up to date information on products and research directly related to your specific condition. Natural Wellness Sedalia offers product samples for many of the items we offer, especially our topical creams and salves so that you can actually use the product and make sure it will work for you before having to purchase anything. Where else are you going to get that type of service? 

At Natural Wellness Sedalia we encourage you to compare our products to others, our store to others, and our prices to others. I may be the largest proponent for the use of CBD in town, not because of the store I own, but because I believe in my heart that these products can help so many people improve their quality of life. No one product and no one place is perfect for everyone, but we still encourage you to learn all you can about CBD and to take full advantage of the health benefits that these products can offer. 

Being a CBD specialty store extends beyond just helping people, we also offer several lines of top-quality CBD products for your dogs and cats as well. The same quality CBD oil in our tinctures is available for small, medium, and large dogs and also for cats. We carry treats for older dogs with joint support formula and also for pets who suffer from anxiety, whether it is due to storms, fireworks or separation anxiety, our products can help your pets live a better life as well. CBD for pets can be very helpful with conditions including inflammation, arthritis, anxiety, seizures, and many more.

Our goal when we chose to open Natural Wellness Sedalia was to bring a place to the community where you could obtain top quality organic CBD products in a place where customers feel at ease with the knowledge that the product they were taking is right for their circumstances and at a fair price. Helping people improve their quality of life and making new friends along the way. To date, we are off to a good start, but still, too many people don’t know where we are or what we do. Becoming a member of the Sedalia Chamber of Commerce and sponsoring events like Get Fit Sedalia have helped bring new friends into our circle as we continue to grow. 

We invite everyone, whether you feel you need CBD or not to come into the store and see exactly what it is we are all about. We encourage local physicians to stop in and see the quality and diversity of the products we carry. We strongly encourage all our customers to speak with their doctor regarding any supplements they intend to take. We are located at 518 W. 16th Street, on the NE corner of 16th and Missouri, open Monday thru Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 10am to 5 pm. We look forward to seeing you.

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